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Protect human capital by fighting chronic malnutrition during the first 1,000 days of life for a healthy future.

We support communities by strengthening food systems and their economies through innovative and sustainable approaches.

Why the first 1,000 days of life?


Created by UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), the Government of France, the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court and UN Women, UNITLIFE leverages innovation and partnerships to fight chronic malnutrition globally.

At present, 768 million people suffer from undernutrition worldwide (9.8% prevalence), of which 149 million children are stunted (FAO, 2022). Malnutrition during the first 1,000 days of life impairs irreversibly cognitive and physical growth and decreases the long-term impact of current investments.

UNITLIFE was established in 2019 to address this social, economic and public health issue. We enable stakeholders to develop and implement sustainable and innovative multi-sectoral solutions to ultimately ensure women have the means to provide their children with nutritious food permanently.

Our Project Hub

We invest in and launch projects, in low- and middle-income countries, which address chronic malnutrition from a multi-sectoral perspective, using innovative tools and partnerships, to scale-up their impact.

We connect the global nutrition ecosystem by aligning private and public sector partners, engaging individuals, implementing actors and civil societies towards a common ambition: end chronic malnutrition.

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With only US$2 a day you can help a mother afford a full day of nutritious food for the household.

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In what ways can tech shape a pivotal decade for access to climate-smart, nutrition-sensitive food systems?

Join us in Paris on December 6th to explore how innovation in agriculture and financing can help curb the scourge of chronic malnutrition in an inclusive and sustainable way

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UNITLIFE is an initiative of the United Nation created to fight chronic malnutrition through innovative and sustainable interventions. UNITLIFE raises funds through modern financial mechanisms to invest in nutritious food systems, women empowerment and climate-smart agriculture initiatives.

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Why focus on chronic malnutrition?

Chronic malnutrition is a major global health burden whose causes and consequences revolve around the need to strengthen and improve the efficiency of economic systems, access to public health services and overcome societal issues.

Undernourished children suffer irreversible life-long cognitive and health consequences. In fact, around 45% of deaths among children under 5 years old are linked to malnutrition (WHO, 2021). Those who survive perform worse than their peers through their academic life and as adults earn on average 20% less. This vicious cycle is thus an aggravating factor of the structural impoverishment of the population and thus hinders the development of countries.

The economic and social impacts of the global health burden of malnutrition makes it so that most effective way to protect the human capital of the next generations is to prevent it. Learn more about chronic malnutrition.

What is innovation in fighting chronic malnutrition?

Innovation is funding projects by leveraging modern financial mechanisms (ex. micro-donations, public-private partnerships, market-based transactions etc.) to invest in multi-sectoral interventions to end undernourishment at individual, societal and country levels. (Read about UNITLIFE's innovative partnerships)

Innovation is developing resilient and sustainable climate-smart solutions to mitigate the consequences of climate change in agriculture as well as the economy, in alignment with the UN SDG Agenda to ensure access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food for all people.

Innovation is implementing projects that empower women, giving them access to tools & technologies, market information and improving their financial, nutritional and agricultural literacy to increase their income, independence and ensure financial inclusivity.

Innovation is adopting data-driven and evidence-based tools to ensure our investments fall within the UNITLIFE framework and to maximise their impact.