Meet THE finalists of the Elevator Pitch Contest


26 July 2020

UNITLIFE and Sight and Life are organizing the 2020 Elevator Pitch Contest (EPC). For its fifth edition, EPC offers students, young professionals and entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their innovative climate-smart nutritional solutions* to free the world from all forms of malnutrition.

This year, more than 200 smart and disruptive applications from 46 countries were received. Only seven passionate finalists from all around the world were selected:

  • AfterEnergy Ventures from Ghana is a Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Biowaste treatment facility that would feed food scraps to BSF larvae and process the larvae into protein meals for aquaculture businesses and feed producers worldwide.
  • Agrovie from Nigeria is a social enterprise that upcycles food waste from breweries, food service organizations and farms into low-cost animal feed and bio-fertilizer.
  • Costa Rica Insect Company creates sustainable and healthy food solutions using insects to provide a solution to malnutrition and future food scarcity.
  • Enakke from Indonesia is a high protein and flavour rich seasoning made from herbs and climate-change mitigating ingredients (moringa leaves, and cricket) to be sprinkled in your daily food. Without change eating habits, Enakke will help consumers to enjoy delicious and sustainable food consumption.
  • Mlindang Spray Coating from Indonesia is a spray-based edible food coating to preserve perishable foodstuffs (such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.) for a longer shelf life. The spray is made from cheap and easily found materials or waste products (such as shrimp skin waste and melinjo seed), enabling people to meet their nutritional needs while reducing waste of uneaten food.
  • Glorified Community Empowerment Trusthabit from Zimbabwe empowers rural communities to improve their livelihoods. GCET works with the community’s vulnerable members, assisting them to have the nutrition they deserve through farming insects and training on nutritional matters.
  • Solar Freeze from Kenya is pioneering portable cold storage units powered by solar energy for rural smallholder farmers of perishable produce, to help them reduce the considerable challenge of post-harvest food loss that currently accounts for more than 45% of all perishable produce going to waste in developing countries

On Thursday 6 August 2020 at 2:30 p.m. CET, those amazing ideas will be presented in front of a jury panel, including UNITLIFE's Programme Manager, Assia Sidibe, and five other prominent nutrition experts and investors. The first prize is sponsored by UNITLIFE. The second prize is an Audience Award and will be decided by you. Join us and vote for your favorite idea. Register now:

* UNITLIFE does not guarantee the solutions presented by the finalists.

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