Dedicated to supporting mothers in laying the foundation of their children's healthy future


UNITLIFE is the United Nations initiative fighting chronic malnutrition through innovation.

Chronic malnutrition affects 149 million children globally, limiting their future’s health and prosperity. Despite the irreversible consequences of this disease, the lack of investment hinders the progress in the fight against chronic malnutrition. UNITLIFE was created by the UN Capital Development Fund and UN Women to address this gap.

UNITLIFE seeks to close the investment gap by raising funding through innovative partnerships with private sector players and direct citizen contributions. UNITLIFE finances nutritious food systems and invests in women's empowerment and climate-smart agriculture. UNITLIFE aims to save the next generation.


UNITLIFE harnesses the power of local businesses and the digital economy.

UNITLIFE builds innovative partnerships with businesses to unlock financial resources.

We then allocate the funds through a transparent model. We invest in rural women via climate-smart agriculture and education on essential nutrients; we support innovative, sustainable, and integrated interventions​.

UNITLIFE chooses the projects it finances based on the recommendations of an independent international panel of experts. See how we fight chronic malnutrition through our investment priorities here.


Mobilize financial resources through innovative partnerships to contribute to the development of resilient and nutrition-sensitive food systems while placing women at the heart of the approach.

Ensure that the next generation benefits from nutritious foods so that every woman and child has the chance to thrive and reach their full potential.