To kickstart UNITLIFE Event Series in 2021, we gathered amazing leaders and entrepreneurs to talk about Working for Good.

On January 26th, UNITLIFE gave the floor to some incredible supporters from an array of different industries – art, electronic music, banking – so they could share insights about why they decided to join UNITLIFE in its fight against chronic malnutrition.

From the visual arts industry, Sandra Agbessi, an art expert and independent curator, explained that ‘Working for Good’ for her is a state of mind, it makes sense, it is a philosophy. She has joined UNITLIFE to raise awareness and contribute to combating chronic malnutrition which affects so many peoples’ lives. At the event, Sandra reminded the audience that ‘Working for Good’ has always been an integral part of creative industry’s work. For her, raising awareness about a cause is both a freedom, and a necessity. Shedding light on developmental or societal issues is both a way of life, and a way to keep functioning.

Supporting Sandra’s perspective, Alex Heim, DJ of Birds of Mind talked about the important power of an individual. He focused on the unprecedented period due to Covid-19:

If you look at the bigger picture, people around the world are earning less. They have to change their way of life, which means cutting budgets on everything that is expensive. What I see from my travels, people in a lot of countries already encounter limitations, and further limitations create deficiencies. Loss of income therefore has an impact on the way people eat.

For Carl Manlan, COO of the Ecobank Foundation, ‘Working for Good’ is also about income. Being able to come together to pool resources gives more power to each individual:

350 million Africans have disposal income. If each of us could give $1/month, we would raise $350M. If we multiply that by 12, we get $4.2B per year. The largest foundation in the world disburses this amount.” By acting now, Carl believes we can change the future.

Sandra, Alex and Carl are passionate leaders who all believe that ‘Working for Good’ is about making a difference and protecting the next generation so that today’s children can thrive as adults in the future.

We spice up every online event with a challenge or a prize. This time, a lucky winner who shared the video of Alex gets the album of ‘Birds of Mind’ before its release date that is planned for May 2021.

UNITLIFE is thrilled by the success of this second online event! We hope you were also inspired by the discussion. Stay tuned and follow UNITLIFE on social media to see all the future events we have planned.

In the meantime, you can watch the replay of our Working for Good event here.