Launch of our new campaign #UNITQUEST


27 September 2021

Hijacking the universe of video gaming, the campaign #UNITQUEST aims to resonate with citizens everywhere about the global challenge of nutrition.

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new campaign “UNITQUEST”. As we want to engage a wider audience, we decided to highjack the universe of video gaming and prepared an original and innovative campaign with a positive and mobilizing tone around solving the challenge of inequality from birth.

Through a series of 12 posts, we invite people to imagine they are video gamers in the quest to fight malnutrition during the first 1,000 days of life to ensure we all have the same start in life.

Sneak peek of 1 of our 12 posts

On the heels of the first UN Food System Summit, this campaign is launched on September 27th to keep on the momentum initiated by UNFSS and contribute to creating a community who cares about ensuring affordable nutritious food.

To join the quest and support the campaign, it’s easy! Share our posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – choose your preferred social networks!

#UNITQUEST is just starting but our gaming adventure isn’t! Check out our lives with streamers from all over the world!


with @LyeGaia, @MadaraLeMal & UN Women

June 23 2021

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with @MsAshrocks and Priya (Act4Food Champion)

September 6 2011

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with @TeamGematrix and Yuhua (Act4Food Champion)

September 11 2021

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with @Manonolita

September 21 2021

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